Are you a Spanish teacher and want to teach the Spanish language in an intuitive and effective way to your students?

More than 50 units with step-by-step content to teach Spanish in the classroom. A fun methodology based on 100% creative audiovisual content.

Take your Spanish lessons to the next level effortlessly: all classroom resources are created with dedication by a teacher.

As teachers, we spend a lot of time preparing and gathering learning resources, but more often than not, despite our best efforts, we don’t find quality resources that connect with the children.
Luckily, you no longer have to spend time gathering materials for your Spanish lessons.Get teaching resources that will allow you to make an impact on your students’ lives and ensure that your lessons really help them to communicate in the real world.

Forget about having to plan each class: with My Spanish Magic Zone you will have access to a annual bundle with videos and resources for children to learn Spanish in a natural way.

Listen to your students speaking Spanish from the very first class, as if it were MAGIC…

Don’t waste time searching for videos, downloading worksheets, preparing materials, and buying books. Get all the contents organized in step-by-step lessons and with a teacher’s guide to make your Spanish classes successful.

Memorable lessons! The art of teaching as if it were a game

My Spanish Magic Zone is a Spanish teaching method for children from 5 to 9 years old, and much more. These are lessons that children love, not only because it exposes them to the language in a natural way, but it also uses gamification to…

 make them travel the world.

 present them with fun situations.

 take them through exciting adventures.

 introduce them to new characters and friends.

 show them the beauty of the world.

The little ones will be immersed in the language by the hand of Arantza, the creator of the method. And, they will experience adventures with Monstri, a character they will become very fond of lesson after lesson!

All the videos and resources have been designed and created based on the children’s interests so that the context is familiar to them and they learn without even realizing it.

Everything is already made for you so you can put your efforts to teach epic classes!

Are you looking for a methodology to teach Spanish as a second language based on listening and speaking that really connects with children’s emotions? Would you like to have access to a ready-made curriculum that progressively increases the difficulty of each unit and with related content so that students don’t get frustrated?

If you want to turn lessons into a game where they will learn while having fun, you have found the method you were looking for.

Kids love learning Spanish with this method!

Materials created by a teacher who is passionate about teaching languages for teachers who want to change the lives of their students.

Hands-on, interactive Spanish course with all the necessary materials.

Based on interactive videos with stories that inspire and motivate.

Methodology based on listening and speaking: an organic approach to the language so that students internalize it naturally.

Progressive curriculum with which they learn the language embedded within many other subjects.

No prior preparation by the teacher, no extra effort, and no spending hours of your free time preparing lessons.

For students from 5 to 9 years old who are beginning to learn Spanish as a second language.

Step-by-step didactic content with interactive video lessons and complementary resources for teachers, schools, and school districts to effectively teach Spanish to children.

Two levels of difficulty to use the resources adapted to the level of each class.

Easy-to-follow videos and resources that are fun for kids! They will love learning Spanish in your classes.

Get your annual subscription today and access all the content for 12 months.

What does the MY SPANISH MAGIC ZONE method include?

All the content of a yearly Spanish program step by step so that you can devote yourself to what you really like: teaching! Access to the platform and get your annual subscription to the materials and get…

Interactive and playful videos for total Spanish language immersion

Online games

Printable resources (manipulative games, crafts…)


Infographics with audio

Other professional pedagogical resources, including the teacher’s handbook

Extra services

Training for teachers at the beginning of the course

Program updates

Support for any inquiries within 72 hours.

You will have access to the program throughout the school year and you can choose between two levels of difficulty to get materials and topics adapted to the level of your students.

LEVELS AVAILABLE: Choose between two levels of difficulty to use the resources adapted to the level of each class. Each level is based on the subjects and topics that are of interest to children at each stage so that they can learn naturally while having fun.

Access My Spanish Magic Zone teaching materials today for an entire year


I am a teacher of Spanish as a second language

Are you a Spanish teacher tired of spending too much time planning your classes? Are you looking for a Spanish teaching method that will make your job as an educator easier?

Are you a Spanish teacher tired of spending too much time planning your classes? Are you looking for a Spanish teaching method that will make your job as an educator easier?

DLI Schools

I am a representative of a school or school district with Dual Language Immersion (DLI)

Are you a school representative or school district and want your students to master communicative skills in Spanish? Are you looking for a way to help your teachers plan their lessons and standardize the teaching of Spanish as a second language?

With the My Spanish Magic Zone method you will empower teachers with all the resources they need to get their students speaking and understanding Spanish from the very first day of class.

Set your meeting today to use the teaching materials in your school or school district.