Have you ever considered how our routines shift along with the changing seasons? As the months and seasons change, our routines do, too, including what we wear. Knowing the words for different clothing items closely links to the months and seasons. 

When learning a new language, it’s helpful to learn different components that work together to feel more confident communicating. 


How to learn months and seasons in Spanish.

I’ve developed an interactive Spanish program to help children improve their Spanish oral communication by learning the seasons and the months of the year. 

Spanish is made easy through a repetitive teaching video encouraging children to learn new words in a contextualized format. This video provides teachers with the tools to teach the seasons and children with an engaging video to learn from. 

In this video, children will learn the seasons, and review some of the months of the year and clothing items that they have already been practicing.


Watch now:

How is MySpanishMagicZone different than other

educational Spanish games? 

MySpanishMagicZone is an interactive Spanish video that speaks to children at a speed they can comprehend. Children can quickly understand what is being said in Spanish and what it means in their mother tongue through visuals and repetition. 

The content is intended to foster bilingual communication and encourage children to learn through play. 

Continue learning the months of the year in Spanish at home

or in the classroom. 

At the end of the video, there’s a Spanish educational game for children. All they have to do is say what they would wear in some of the mentioned months! 

This game is easy to play and encourages children to connect their learning with real-life scenarios. Children will love playing and learning Spanish at home or in the classroom.

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