When do you use the days of a week in your communication? You use it when making plans with friends, when asking somebody about what they did over the weekend, or when planning to spend time on your hobby—the list goes on.

The days of the week are a key component in daily communication because they are frequently used.

When learning a new language, it’s always important to learn the days of the week.


How to learn the days of the week in Spanish.

Through an Interactive Spanish lesson, I teach children the Spanish days of the week.

Together, we will learn how to say the days and play a game to learn the order.

 My interactive video immerses children into learning Spanish in a way that makes it easy for you to teach! Whether you use this video as a teacher in your classroom, or if you use it with homeschooling, this valuable content will teach your kids the days of the week in Spanish.


Watch now:

Why learn the Spanish days of the week with


Most Spanish language videos you find online are English-Spanish for learning Spanish, or are completely in Spanish for native speakers, who speak too fast for beginners.

MySpanishMagicZone is intentionally created with kids, homeschool parents, and teachers in mind to provide them with content that helps them learn the Spanish days of the week in a fun and gamified way.

The Spanish days of the week are an important concept for children to learn and incorporate into their everyday routine.

This is an example of how to use an interactive game to learn Spanish. Add this game into your daily routine or use it in your classroom.


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